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Trader Profile – February 26th, 2006

February 26, 2006 in

Trader Profile – February 26th, 2006 – Trader Profile interviews a trader who uses MarketDelta to find out how they are using it and any other helpful advice they may have for fellow traders.

Row Total Distribution Interpretation

February 22, 2006 in

Interpretation of a row total distribution chart from February 22nd, 2006 of the ES.

Trade Review ES – 5 min

February 9, 2006 in

Here is a little different and longer term view of the ES from today. It shows a 5 minute small Footprint chart and how price probed for higher prices during the middle of the session, but each time was immediately rejected. Finally on the final probe the order flow to the Ask was much lighter…

Trading Review 2 – ER2

February 6, 2006 in

Here is another annotated snapshot of a 233 tick Russell 2000 e-mini. Two important concepts in this snapshot are the trending portion for the chart and the sideway (consolidating) portion. Read the comments to better understand how to interpret the data. Click the image below and then move your cursur to the bottom right of…

Trading Review – ER2

February 6, 2006 in

Below is a link to an annotated snapshot of a portion of today’s action in the Russell 2000 e-mini. It is of a 233 tick chart and highlights the usefulness of changing momentum at turning points in the market. Read the comments on the chart for additional commentary about the significance of the data. Click…

Trader Profile – January 27th, 2006

January 27, 2006 in

Who? — James M. is an early customer and adopter of MarketDelta(TM) and has been a subscriber for nearly 2 years. He has been trading for about 3.5 years at the CBOT where he is a member of the exchange. Early on he was trading mostly the Dow futures (YM), but now trades many different…