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EZ™ Levels – Real Time Support and Resistance

October 10, 2017 in , ,

Announcing Real Time Support & Resistance We just released a major enhancement to Footprint® charts in MD Desktop 2018. EZ™ Levels plot real time support and resistance based on price action, volume, and order flow in any time frame! These are cutting edge support and resistance zones that take into account a lot more than…

2 New Trading Education Products

September 27, 2017 in ,

We are thrilled to announce 2 new trading education products. Since we now have a suite of educational products we have moved them all to edge.marketdelta.com. Chicago Trading Workshop HD Recording At the end of July we hosted a 3 day trading workshop in Chicago where we had the pleasure of meeting about 30 traders who…

Options Symbol and Days to Expiration Tool

August 17, 2017 in

The CME has added so many options that it is difficult to keep track. This Microsoft Excel® dashboard provides a drop-down menu where you can select the underlying market, such as E-Mini S&P 500 and it will display all front contract option symbols, including weekly and end-of-month options. The symbols are sorted by days to expiration.…

Software Tip: Symbols, Types, and Intervals

July 26, 2017 in , ,

In MarketDelta Desktop symbols are normally entered in a designated entry field at the top or bottom of a window (charts, time and sales, options) or directly into a field (quote boards, monitors, Order Desk). For example, the symbol entry field on a chart is in the bottom-left corner: On tools, such as DOMTrader, the…

E-Mini Russell 2000 Returns to CME July 10

June 30, 2017 in

On July 10th, 2017 the emini Russell 2000 futures and options will return to the CME. Years ago it was originally with the CME and then ICE acquired the licensing rights, but now it’s making its way back as a CME product. This is great news for stock index traders. Here’s why: It will be…

JUST ADDED – Spot Forex (FX) and Contract for Differences (CFD)

June 9, 2017 in

We just added all the major spot foreign exchange pairs and CFD’s to MarketDelta trials. You can now plot, draw, study, footprint, and trade all the major currency pairs and most popular CFD’s. This means MD trials now include CME, CBOT, Comex, Nymex, ICE US, ICE Europe, ICE Canada, SGX (Singapore), ASX 24 (Australia), Forex,…

JUST ADDED – SGX (Singapore) and ASX 24 (Australia)

May 29, 2017 in

We just added SGX (Singapore) and ASX 24 (Australia) real time and historical data included on all new MarketDelta Desktop trials. This means we now have CME, CBOT, Comex, Nymex, ICE US, ICE Europe, ICE Canada, SGX (Singapore), ASX 24 (Australia). S&P/ASX 200 Index One of the most popular ASX symbols is AP which is…

Announcing Our 3 Day Trading Workshop in Chicago

May 24, 2017 in ,

We are thrilled to announce a 2 part trading workshop taking placing at the prestigious University of Chicago Booth Business School Gleacher Center this July. We have 4 world class experts lined up to speak. Seating is very limited and we are expecting the event to sell out quickly, so reserve your seat for either…

Delta Divergence Chart Signals

April 24, 2017 in ,

We are often asked about one of our commercial indicators, the Delta Divergence signal. As the markets have been particularly active the last few weeks, it is a good opportunity to see how order flow analysis has worked in this environment. Delta Divergence is based on a simple concept: If prices move out to new…