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Software Tip: Symbols, Types, and Intervals

July 26, 2017 in , ,

In MarketDelta Desktop symbols are normally entered in a designated entry field at the top or bottom of a window (charts, time and sales, options) or directly into a field (quote boards, monitors, Order Desk). For example, the symbol entry field on a chart is in the bottom-left corner: On tools, such as DOMTrader, the…

Delta Divergence Chart Signals

April 24, 2017 in ,

We are often asked about one of our commercial indicators, the Delta Divergence signal. As the markets have been particularly active the last few weeks, it is a good opportunity to see how order flow analysis has worked in this environment. Delta Divergence is based on a simple concept: If prices move out to new…

Exporting Volume & Delta Data To Excel

March 28, 2017 in

If you have ever wanted to export volume and delta to Excel here are some helpful instructions on how to do so, compliments of Thom Hartle at CQG. The Setup Study Parameters window shown below details the available highlight choices. You can choose to view total trades or trades separated into trades at the bid and…

Analyze Forex Pairs With the Footprint Chart

February 8, 2017 in ,

The Footprint is normally used to track “volume at price” and display how volume is entering the market and where the order flow is going. With spot forex (foreign exchange) pairs we use “trades at price” instead of volume and build Footprint® charts that let us see inside the chart and track trading activity.  This works similar…

DOM Triggered Stops in MarketDelta Cloud

January 15, 2016 in ,

DOM triggered stop orders are synthetic orders which work on the server and monitor the inside market (best bid and best ask) and only let your stop be triggered if a certain quantity available is left to trade. This prevents you from so easily “being stopped out” when just a few contracts trade at the…

New CME Closing Times

September 16, 2015 in ,

Changes to CME Globex Closing Times Effective Monday, September 21st, the daily CME Globex maintenance period will begin 15 minutes earlier from 4:00 until 4:45 PM CT. This includes Equity Index futures (ES, YM, NQ) and Energy futures (CL). Currently, the daily maintenance period occurs begins at 4:15PM CT and go to 4:45 PM CT.…

Conversations with Customers – Part 2

July 14, 2014 in , ,

This is part of a continuing series that answers common questions we receive from customers. In case you missed previous articles here are the links. Part 1 Customer Question Are there any specific Footprint patterns you look for? MarketDelta Response Certainly! There are many and some patterns depend on the type of Footprint being viewed…

Conversations with Customers – Part 1

June 30, 2014 in , ,

This is the first post in a series this Summer where we will summarize a conversation we had with one of our customers and provide a concise answers to questions. Each conversation represents a similar conversation we have had with many different customers through time and will provide helpful information no matter your experience with…

How to Build Composite Volume Profiles and Identify Trading Levels

May 8, 2014 in

Composite profiles are volume distributions that are built on data from one or more sessions. The session could be day session only or also include overnight data. That is typically a personal preference and varies based upon the market traded. Profiles built upon multiple sessions provide a way to view and quantify the big picture.…