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DOM Heat Map Study

April 28, 2017 in

A long time user of MarketDelta sent us this after it garnered a lot of interested from his fellow traders in London. He built this using the built in toolbox in MarketDelta .  It is fully customizable once you the PAC file (link at bottom).

When overlaid on a Footprint® Chart the DHM (DOM Heat Map Study) offers a visual representation of real-time data compiled from multiple sources, showing the interaction between aggressive activity (Footprint® Chart) and how passive activity (resting orders) react (DHM study), all on one chart.

Download the user guide – DOM Heat Map Study User Guide.

Download the PAC file – Download Pac File – once installed, click Page, and you will see a folder named Ragnar Rock with a page named Dom Heat Map Study. 

This Pac and related studies were developed by a user. Please use the user guide to search for information and answers. It is not a built-in, supported study. For more info or questions on this study contact mkowalski @ ragnarrockcapital.com.