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EZ™ Levels – Real Time Support and Resistance

October 10, 2017 in , ,

Announcing Real Time Support & Resistance

We just released a major enhancement to Footprint® charts in MD Desktop 2018. EZ™ Levels plot real time support and resistance based on price action, volume, and order flow in any time frame!

These are cutting edge support and resistance zones that take into account a lot more than price alone. EZ™ Levels plot levels based on unique Footprint® chart patterns and draw in real time. Up to now these levels were not easily visible on the Footprint® charts.


The moment the software detects a potential support or resistance level it is displayed on the Footprint® chart…in real time.

EZ™ Level Benefits

  • Assists in the decision making process.
  • Can be used in any time frame, not just for scalping.
  • First of its kind to draw real time support and resistance zones based on price, volume, and order flow!
  • Levels are adjustable so you can see more or less levels based on settings.
  • Work in any market, include stocks, futures, and spot forex!
  • Included for free with all MD Desktop subscriptions.

EZ™ Level Resources

MarketDelta has always been focused on the hard right edge of the chart. First it was Footprints® that allowed you to look inside the bar, and now EZ™ Levels draw real time support and resistance.

5 Minute Futures Chart Example

30 Minute Futures Chart Example

Daily Futures Chart Example

5 Minute Stock Chart Example

30 Minute Stock Chart Example

Daily Stock Chart Example