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How to Highlight High Volume Prices

January 24, 2017 in ,

One of the unique technical indicators offered within MarketDelta Desktop is a setting that is built into the Footprint chart type and located under the HiLiteIt menu. This study gives you the ability to dissect the bar and apply unique volume and delta studies to each price within the bar. There are a lot of different combinations you can conceive, so check out the FAQ to learn more.

Here is a useful and simple example that highlights a price within the bar when a certain number of contracts or shares have traded at that specific price. In this example the volume threshold is set to 15,000. This means that if 15,000 contracts trade the price will be highlighted a color of choosing.

Notice that it is very infrequent that we see 15,000 trade at a price, at least using the time frame for this chart which is 5 minute. Highlighting prices like this serves as an alert that volume is building at this level and can be a key level.

This indicator is built into the Footprint chart and available under the HiLiteIt menu (see below).