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Making the Footprint Chart Dead Simple to Read

October 31, 2013 in

Quote from a new user of the imbalance Footprint® – “the sentiment of traders on the S&P was easily decoded using the footprint volume imbalance charts. It was like I had a listening device and could tell what large players were thinking collectively. Now that’s impressive. I’m glad to have met your software.” 


If you were able to join us for our webinar yesterday we introduced the imbalance Footprint®. This Footprint takes all our experience and insight and distills it into a simple, easy to trade chart.

Here are all the resources we mentioned in the webinar, along with the screenshots and other links to help you learn more.

The volume imbalance Footprint is included free of charge in ALL versions of MarketDelta Charts. A free trial is available at www.marketdelta.com or you can subscribe at www.marketdelta.com/subscribe.