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Charts & Studies

All the charting features you want without the fuss. Integrated data, advanced analytics, chart trading, multi-monitor support, algo driven strategies, built-in sim trading account, 24 hr phone support, and so much more.

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Tabbed Charts

All our charts are tabbed, allowing you to have multiple views, chart intervals, symbols, sessions, or studies available in a single click.

Lots of Chart Types

Access to all the standard types of chart including line, candlestick, tick, and bar. Advanced chart types including Footprints, Range, Renko, Point and Figure, and more!

Custom Studies / Algo's

Like to code? You can build to your hearts content and deploy using the integrated trading.

Powerful Charting

  • Highly refined, easy to use charts
  • Studies, custom studies, 3rd party studies
  • 100+ pages (layouts) of chart samples, studies, and setups
  • Integrated data feed – built-in and requires no configuration
  • 24 hr web, chat, & telephone support
14 Day Free Trial

Trade From the Chart

  • Single click entry and cancel
  • Order displayed on chart
  • Drag and drop orders on chart
  • Associate orders to studies so orders automatically adjust

Powered by CQG

Long known for their quality and reliability, CQG powers every level of MarketDelta Desktop, providing high quality data, charting,  trading connectivity, and 24 hour support.

See Inside the Chart with Footprints

The Imbalance Footprint has an algo built in help identify real time shifts in order flow. Now you can react quicker and better understand the shifts in the market before others have a clue what is going on.

Watch Webinar About Footprints

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I am learning from the trade room and watching the footprint. This is real value you are teaching and now with the footprint I can begin to refine my style and technique. I can’t tell you how excited I am because I am actually learning, not wasting time with some bogus system or some other junk these pundits throw out here.

James B. / Philadelphia