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Market Data

Market data is the life blood of your trading software. Great data = Great Analytics

All MarketDelta Desktop subscriptions include CQG data built in. No 3rd party data software is needed.

Connected Exchanges Free 14 Day Trial

Global Market Coverage

Connected to 75 market data sources, all asset classes, and fully managed in CQG data centers.

Lightning Fast, Reliable Data

Delivery speed and up time are vital to professional traders. Our data is cleaned in real time to eliminate bad ticks and keep you focused on trading, not technical problems or down time.

Real time + Historical Data

Our data feed is built into the software. Real time and historical data is automatically included. There is no additional setup or data costs.

Popular Exchanges

  • CME
  • Nymex
  • Eurex

Global Market Coverage

Connected to over 75 global data sources and seamlessly integrated. No configuration necessary.

  • Futures (Virtually all global futures markets available)
  • Options (Ag, FX, Energy, Indices, Fixed Income, Metals)
  • Fixed Income (Swaps, Caps, Spreads, Repo, US Treasury)
  • Foreign Exchange (Crosses, Deposits, Forwards, Majors, Vols)
  • Equities (Stocks and ETF’s)
  • Cash (Ag, CD’s, CFD’s, Energy, Metals, Shipping Rates)
  • Industry Reports (Treasury Auctions, Fed, Petroleum)
  • Indices (NYSE Tick, TRIN, many more)
Market Data Sources

Comprehensive Symbol Database

  • Search by symbol, description, exchange, asset class, type,
  • Shows volume in search results to make it easy to find liquidity
  • Shows which data sources you have realtime, delayed, or not enabled.

View Complete Contract Specs

  • View exchange margin requirements
  • View each trading session and hours as set by Exchange
  • View contract expiry’s
  • View contract properties

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