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Real Time Support & Resistance

EZ™ Levels - You've Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Stop relying on lagging indicators. Operate at the hard right edge as new support and resistance levels draw on the chart before your vary eyes. EZ™ Levels are included free with MarketDelta Desktop.

Overview Video Recorded Webinar

Real Time Buy/Sell

Support & Resistance

Based on Volume and Order Flow

EZ™ Level Benefits

  • Doesn't lag the market.
  • Can be used in any time frame.
  • Based on price, volume, and order flow!
  • EZ™ Levels are fully adjustable.
  • Work in any market: stocks, futures, and spot forex!
  • Included for free with all MD Desktop subscriptions.

Introducing EZ™ Levels

Levels are built in REAL TIME, keeping you on top of the market.

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Real Time Support & Resistance

The software automatically draws in the EZ™ Levels, dynamically showing you support and resistance.

  • Responsive to market conditions
  • Works off the “hard right edge” of a chart.
  • Does NOT lag like other indicators.
  • Built into the MarketDelta Footprint®
14 Day Free Trial

Refine Your Edge with EZ™ Levels

In depth training about using and applying EZ™ Levels. The Footprint Deep Dive Course has 2 modules dedicated to EZ™ Levels. Don’t miss it.

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Learn How to Trade With EZ™ Levels

There are multiple places and methods to learn EZ™ Levels.

How To Add To A Chart

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Those EZ Levels are uncanny how good they work.