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TPO Charts Now Available

October 25, 2017 in ,

TPO charts have long been a staple of many MD users and now we are pleased to bring them back as part of MD Cloud. They are crisp, full featured, and easy use. Because they run in your browser on PC, MAC, Chromebook, or Linux many traders like running them alongside other charts they might be using.

MD Desktop Users: If you use MD Desktop, see instructions below for using these TPO charts alongside your MD Desktop.

The TPO charts also include volume profile capability. This is a 1 time paid on for MD Cloud and cost $297 (one time). This provides a lifetime of usage and includes free upgrades as they become available. Upgrades happen seamlessly and behind the scenes, one of the major benefits of the cloud.

MD Cloud can be run stand alone or alongside MD Desktop. If running along side MD Desktop a second trading login is required from your broker to run at the same time.

Popular Features

  • Value Area and Point of Control
  • Initial Balance, 1.5x IB, 2.0x IB extensions.
  • # TPO’s at price
  • Split profiles
  • Custom letter color
  • Night session, day session, combined session
  • Easy to split and unsplit profiles
  • Split plus unsplit side by side
  • Zoom in and out
  • Instantly see changes while toggling features on/off
  • Hundreds of configuration possibilities.
  • Modern, easy to use.
  • Sessions are managed, creating more accurate profiles.
  • Access from Google Chrome on PC, MAC, Chromebook
  • Always backed up; never lose a work space.
  • Lots more coming soon!

Full Feature Overview

Using Alongside MD Desktop

Many users have chosen to run TPO charts in MD Cloud along side MD Desktop.

  1. Get a free MD Cloud platform login at https://app.marketdelta.com/signup
  2. Purchase the TPO / Volume Profile addon for MD Cloud.
  3. Request a 2nd trading login enabled for “MarketDeltaCloud” from your broker for MD Cloud. A 2nd set of Exchange fees may apply.
  4. Add your 2nd trading login to MD Cloud. Here’s how.
  5. Launch both platforms.

NOTE: A valuable side benefit of running MD Cloud and Desktop side by side is having a backup trading platform always available. You might even choose to run MD Cloud on a 2nd computer as extra backup.

Chart Samples

Day Session Only – TPO, Volume Profile, Initial Balance, IB extensions, Value Area, POC, Candle


Day Session Only w/ Splits Every 30 Min. Showing Daily Volume Profile


Day Session Only w/ Initial Balance Extensions. Showing Daily Volume Profile


Combined (All) Sessions – TPO Letter Count, Value Area, POC, IB, IBx, Candle, Volume Profile.


Day Session Only w/ Splits and Daily Candle.


3 Profiles of the Same Day – Left profile is Combined (All) Sessions, Middle profile is Overnight Session, Right Profile is Day Session Only.


Volume Profile only w/ Candles


Volume Profile w/ Initial Balance


Compare a composite profile against the same profile split.


Split profile w/ volume profile on each split


Daily Candle, with 30 Minute “Bracket” Candles, Value Area, and POC

Visit https://cloud.marketdelta.com/features/tpo-profile-charts/ for more information.

30 Minute Candle with Volume Profiles, Composite Profile, Initial Balance, and POC

TPO Custom Letter Color