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Let’s Talk About Footprint Charts

April 4, 2018 in , , ,

In this free webinar creator of the Footprint chart, Trevor Harnett, discusses Footprint charts and getting more out of them. This is an instructional webinar geared to anyone using or interested in Footprint charts.

In the webinar he discussed:

  1. Described Footprint Charts
  2. Explained Edge Zones and How They Work – real time support and resistance built into the Footprint
  3. Explained the Delta Divergence Pattern and Why it Works
  4. Absorption Pattern – Showed how to decipher absorption in a market, what it means and how to trade it. Learn more about this pattern here.
  5. Footprint Bar Statistics – showed how to apply these valuable Footprint statistics to trading.

This webinar is packed with fresh content on using the Footprint chart to trade.

Footprint Charts

For anyone new, we will provide a description of what Footprints are and why traders are adopting them to assist in the decision making process.

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Edge Zones


These are real time support and resistance levels generated by the Footprint. We’ll show you some tips and tricks for using them.

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Delta Divergence

This is a unique pattern that develops based on the interaction of price and order flow. We’ll show you some examples and rules of thumb when using this study.

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This is a unique Footprint pattern many miss. We’ll explain it and show some setups for using it.

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Footprint Bar Stats

We will describe what these are and show some simple ways of putting them to use.

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