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What’s Missing?

January 8, 2018 in

Most educators teach how to create opinions, very few discuss the WHEN moments.  When should I get in? When should I get out?  If these are questions you ask then how do you work on your timing and trade locations?

How many times do you prepare for the session and miss trades at your levels – levels you worked so hard to create? Then the next time you scrape up the courage to take the trade – it rips right through you!

What’s the fix?

Find the “simple” and then simplify that.  Look for a unique pattern. Use these real time levels to improve your timing; then TRADE.  You can fit this right into any of your existing strategies.

READY – look for a unique pattern

AIM – use these real time levels to improve your timing



To improve your trading, interest yourself in being around people that have been prop firm traders.  In and around Chicago there are dozens of these companies.  These offices create the environment and the mindset to eat what we kill.

I was fortunate to get hired by one in 2000.  It saved my trading floor career.  Why?  Because I didn’t have to do an internet search to find the guru that was the expert. I was thrown in the middle of the doers – the traders.  I learned how to talk like one, dress like one, and most importantly THINK like one.  

If you want to be an expert, go become a chemist.  In trading, experts get slaughtered.  You want to get yourself around professionals. Professional traders are good at one thing – being wrong.  

How many times were you right and lost money?  Being right doesn’t matter, making money does.  If you work to find the right spots, you can be wrong and still pull money out of the market.  The goal is to be right AND pick the right spots.  

My value to you isn’t my ability to make money as a trader. And it’s not my ability to communicate about trading.  It’s my ability to do both!  There are many great marketers that communicate wonderfully about success in the business.  But, they never had any.  There are also many trading millionaires with success stories.  However, if you asked them what they did for a living, you would think they were a plumber.  Just because you could trade well doesn’t mean you can explain well.

When I entered  the world of helping other traders, my goal was to create a virtual prop office.  An environment of highly motivated people who were trying to trade successfully.  I’ve done that.  I’ve  helped traders get successful and I do it by giving them access to each other.

If you choose to not invest in this virtual prop office community then you best invest in something like it.  No one is successful on their own.  And every success story is prefaced by a failure story.  Turn the page and lock arms with others.  Life is too short. Trading is too lonely to do it by yourself.

To find out more about the Edge community visit here.